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TF2 Gamemodes

TF2 Gamemodes

In comparison to Team Fortress Classic, TF2 got much more tactical gameplay and depth. Although lacking concs and grenades the gameplay is fast and varied. The game variant in TF2-E-Sports is 6 vs. 6. A team classlimit for Medics and Demomans of 1 has been designated, all other classes can be used with a maximum of 2.

If you want to know more about the classes of TF2, take a look over here.


TF2 CTF Dokumente blau

Capture the Files [CTF]

Capture the Files are the well known Capture the Flag Maps from many other shooters, just like in Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic. Instead of a flag every team has a suitcase (the so called "Intelligence"). Both teams have to take the enemy's suitcase to their base to win a round.

Official CTF-Maps:

TF2 CTF Dokumente rot


TF2 Objekt Rot

Control-Point [CP]

Control-Point consists of some tactical points on the map, which have to be taken by a team to win. Every CP-Map has some differences, how to take the Control Points.

Official CP-Maps:

  • cp_5gorge
  • cp_gullywash
  • cp_degrootkeep
  • cp_manor_event
  • cp_mountainlab
TF2 Objekt Blau Gesperrt

TC Hydro

Territory Control [TC]

Territory Control Maps are somewhat similar to CP-Maps. You have to take Control Points, but which ones decides the game itself.


Official TC-Maps:

TC Hydro

TF2 Payload Lore Blau


The Payload Mode is inspired by the escort maps from Team Fortress Classic. The mode has been included during the Medic Update. The BLU team must escort a Payoad to the RED base. A Payload moves only when at least one player from the BLU team stands near the playoad.

Each additional teammate increases the speed the Payload is moving forward. The RED team must defend their base and stop the payload from reaching their base. The RED team wins when the payload hasn't reached its final destination before the round time ends.

The BLU team wins when the payloads successfully reach its final destination before the round time ends. The Payload heals nearby BLU players, much like the Engineer's Dispenser do. If a Payload reaches it's final destination, it explodes and kills all players near the last point, much like at the end of CP_Steel in case of a victory for the attacking team.

Official PL-Maps:

  • pl_frontier
  • pl_barnblitz
TF2 Payload Lore Rot

TF2 Gamemode Arena - Nemesiss


Arena Maps are somewhat of a Team-Deathmatch mode for Team Fortress 2. The game mode has been added to the Valve maps pool during the Heavy Update. Players from each team fight against each other until all players from one team are dead. Alternatively, a team can capture a single Control Point to instantly win a round. The Control Point, however, is only available after one minute has passed after the start of a round.

Unlike all other game modes, there is no respawning after a player dies, similar to a Sudden Death. In addition to that, there are only a few Healthpack, and sometimes even no Healthpack at all. This gives the Medic and the Engineer's Dispenser an even more important role in this mode. Classes like the Pyro and the Spy also benefits from the new game mode.

Official Arena-Maps:

TF2 Gamemode Arena - Nemesiss

TF2 Payload Race Attack

Payload Race

This mode was indluded during the Spy vs. Sniper Update. As the name implies, it's similar to the Payload more, with the addition of two Payloads instead of just one. Each team must push their own Payload to the finish. At the same time, you need to stop the enemy team from pushing their Payload to the finish.


Official PLR-Maps:

TF2 Payload Race Defend

TF2 King of the Hill Gamemode

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is the newest tf2  game mode. The goal for each team is to take the control point in the middle of the map and to hold it. Each team has a quota of 3 minutes which expire with holding the point.

Official KOTH-Maps:

TF2 King of the Hill Gamemode


TF2 Special Delivery Gamemode

Special Delivery

Special Delivery is a hybrid between Capture the Flag and Payload. The goal is to bring the initial neutral Australium Payload to certain spot and to keep the enemy from doing the same. On Special Delivery maps, there are specific platforms, that can only be moved while carrying the Australium. When one team moved the platform to the final position, the payload can be placed in it's spot and the round is won.

Official SD-Maps:



TF2 Special Delivery Gamemode


TF2 Mann vs. Machine Gamemode

Mann vs. Machine

Mann vs. Machine is a CO-OP mode, where you can team up with 5 friends to fight against hordes of robots. Similar to the classic "Tower Defense", you must defend a specific spot from destruction by the robots. The robots channel through the map and you have to stop them. Your weapons get upgrades after every survived round, though, the robots's bombs gain several attributes as well. The first level brings a defensive buff for all near robots, the second level brings a healing buff and in the third one all robots have permanently critical hits. The robots must not place the bomb at the target palce, otherwise the game is lost. To win the game, you have to survive all waves.

Official MVM-Maps:


TF2 Mann vs. Machine Gamemode

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