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About Team Fortress 2

TF2 History

In 1996, three Australian computer science students created the modification Team Fortress for the game Quake. The mod was based on two teams with different classes and different levels of ability.

Valve Software must have really impressed by Team Fortress, because they wanted to convert the modification for their hit Half-Life.TF2 - Team Fortress 2 - Old Concept This modification was planned to have many improvements e.g. they wanted to favor teamplay. Soon Valve noticed that all the ideas were just too much just for a modification. So they planned to develop a full- price game.

Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms was born as an independent game. Valve didn’t want to disappoint the community, so they created a Team Fortress modification for Half-Life. The name was Team Fortress Classic (started HL

TF2 - Team Fortress 2 - Old Concept - SpyTeam Fortress 2 was intended for release originally in 1999, but Valve postponed the release date again and again. First, lots of information, screenshots and videos were released. Then, for a long, long time, nothing was heard of Team Fortress 2. Everybody thought this promising project had been abandoned.

Why was it so quiet around Team Fortress 2?

After Valve realized that they couldn’t implement all their ideas and plans with the old Half-Life 1 engine, they decided to develop their own innovative engine. So Team Fortress 2 was the foundation for the source engine. On July 14th, 2006 everyone was surprised. Gabe Newell reported on the Electronic Arts Press Event that Team Fortress 2 would be released with Episode Two. The response to this information was overwhelming. Everyone wanted to see what the new Team Fortress 2 was like.

TF2 - Team Fortress 2 - Engineer & Spy - Sentry GunOne week later, Valve released the first video of Team Fortress 2 featuring In-game footage. This video presented the well known classes from the Team Fortress Classic, but with a new look.TF2 - Engineer - Sentry Gun
The opinions of the fans diverged, but many were very pleased with the unexpected new concept. Team Fortress 2 is a mixture of TFC and new ideas from Robin Walker & co. The best aspects of Team Fortress 2 will be also included in Team Fortress 2. Some classes were changed more, some not at all. The biggest changes are at the medic and the pyro. The offensive and defensive behavior of the medic were evaluated and changed appropriately.

TF2 Red LogoEveryone who preordered the game could participate on the beta testing phase in September 2007. The rest of the world had to wait until the game's official release on October 10th, 2007. The game was well received among both fans and critics.

On April 29th, 2008, Valve released the first class update. This update added new content for the Medic class. By unlocking a specific number of newly added, Medic-specific achievements, each player can obtain a total of 3 new weapons (Blutsauger, Kritzkrieg, Ubersaw). In order to make the effort of unlocking all these achievements worthwhile, 3 "Milestones" has been added as well. These achievements are unlocked when obtaining a new weapon, thus unlocking a specific number of achievements.

This achievement-based weapon unlocking system has been applied to any following class update since then (With the exception of the Sniper vs. Spy update, but the achievement system has been included shortly after the update's release).

This update wasn't called "Medic Update" though. Since it was the first update of its kind, it has been called the "Gold Rush Update" since the Medic content was originally a bonus for the map PL-Goldrush. This map also introduced players with the new Payload game mode.TF2 Medic

TF2 PyroSix months later, on June 19th, 2008, the next class update was released. Called the "Pyro Update" this time, the Pyro class received some additional weapons. In addition to the 3 new weapons (Backburner, Flare Gun, Axtinguisher), the Flamethrower obtained a new special feature: By pressing the right mouse button, the Flamethrower can create a Compression Blast (a blast of compressed air). This blast allows the Pyro to deflect enemy rockets and grenades as well as to "blow away" enemy Stickies.

The Pyro Update also marks the beginning of the inclusion of maps created by the community rather then by Valve itself. The first two community maps to be included into the game's standard map pool are CP-Fastlane and CTF-Turbine. On top of that, the "Meet the Sniper" video has been released as part of the update.

TF2 Heavy GuyExactly two months later, on August 19th, 2008, Valve released the "Heavy Update". The Heavy received 3 new weapons - well, 2 weapons (KGB, Natascha) and 1 item to be specific. A non-aggressive item has been introduced for the first time: The Sandvich. This item as well as other items from the following updates can be used unlimited times, but have a rather long recharge time. In case of the Sandvich, it allows the Heavy to heal himself by eating it, thus making him less dependent from the Medic. The Sandvich even received its own video - "Meet the Sandvich".

Just like in the Pyro Update, this update also featured a few new maps. The new maps created by Valve were PL-Badwater Basin as well as 5 maps for the new Arena-Gamemode: Lumberyard, Ravine and an Arena version of Well, Granary and Badlands. As for the community part, CP-Steel has been added to the map pool.

Valve didn't release any additional class update for the following 6 months. But just because the team is taking a break for the big updates, it doesn't mean they're doing nothing for the smaller, less important things in life, as the "Semi-Engineer Update" shows.

Medic Call Icon

The considerably smaller content update released on December 11th, 2008, introduced players to Level 2 and 3 dispensers as well as Level 2 and 3 teleporters - Now all Engineer buildings could be upgraded up to Level 3. In addition to that, two new "MEDIC!" speech bubble has been added, one for being low on health (see picture to the left), and one for being set on fire. The Soldier and Demoman received a cosmetic improvement by adding a, literally, hot heels effect whether one of these classes perform a weapon-assisted jump (Rocket jump and Sticky jump respectively). On top of that, all Stickies can now be destroyed by using projectile-based weapons and the Spy can recharge the energy meter of his Invisibility Watch by picking up ammunition.

TF2 ScoutIn the new year of 2009, Valve released the "Scout Update" on February 24th. As always, the Scout class received 3 new gadgets: 2 new weapons (The Sandman, Force-of-Nature) and 1 item (BONK! Energy Drink). As for the maps, this update featured new community maps only: Arena-Watchtower, CP-Junction and CP-Egypt have been added to the map pool. In addition to that, CP-Fastlane received an update on its own.

The Scout Update is considered by many to be one of the worst class updates due to some not-so-well received updates as well as the absence of a Meet the Team video.

TF2 SpyRoughly 3 months later, on May 21th, 2009, Valve released its biggest update to date. It was called a "Sniper Update" at first, introducing the new weapons for the Sniper. At day 4, however, it was revealed that the Spy would receive additional content as well - at the same time! This surprise was only topped by the leak of the new "Meet the Spy" video. The now called "Sniper vs. Spy Update" also introduced the new class-specific hats. These hats possess no special abilities whatsoever and are of cosmetic purpose only. In conclusion, the Spy received 1 new weapon (The Huntsman) and 2 new items (Jarate, Razorback) and the Spy received 1 new weapon (Ambassador) and 2 new items (Dead Ringer, Cloak and Dagger).

TF2 SniperIn addition to that, the Payload-Race game mode and its first map, PLR-Pipeline, has been introduced and 2 new Arena maps (Sawmill, Nucleus) as well as the community map PL-Hoodoo has been added to the map pool.

But even this seemingly perfect update had its bad moments. The Sniper vs. Spy Update introduced players to a new item drop system. According to Valve, the more a player plays the game, the more weapons, items and hats can be found randomly. The system is supposed to give players an alternative for the achievement-based way of obtaining new class content.

There is nothing bad with the idea itself. In fact, the item drop system gives both new players and veterans alike the chance to obtain new content without achievements. The community was divided because of this system like never before, however, since the new content for both the Sniper and Spy class can only be obtained through the item drop system. Valve ultimately added the Milestones for both classes 8 days after the initial release of the update, on May 29th, 2009.

New items also came along with the new item system -  the hats. Those, however, can only be obtained via lots of patience and playtime.

The craving for those hats introduced another hype for the TF2 world - idling. For this procedure, specialized servers exist, where you can idle 24/7 on dedicated idle or achievement maps. Players connect to these servers and let their PC run for a few hours or all night long and hope to find many new items while doing something else.

TF2 King of the HillDuring the mid of august, on the 13th of august to be precise, the   classless update brought 18 new hats and a new game mode called King of the Hill (in short: KOTH) with KOTH-Viaduct being the first map where RED and BLU have to capture a CP and hold it until a special team countdown runs out. The opposing team, meanwhile, has to recapture the control point and try to get their own countdown to expire. With the update two former arena maps modified for KOTH also were included: KOTH-Nucleus and KOTH-Sawmill. For the arena game mode the update added Arena-Offblast while CTF got CTF-Sawmill.11.111  Soldier Medaillen

During the same month fast night-active players could get one of 11.111 Medals for the soldier. This stock, naturally, wasn't enough for all the TF2-fans leaving many players without these rare items.

TF2 Idle -   HeiligenscheinThose who tried to gain advantage via idling servers or one of the third party applications produced for solely that purpose, were dealt with by Valve in the beginning of September 2009. Those players who resisted to use these tools were rewarded with a halo-shaped hat.called the Cheater's Lament. This hat could be worn by all classes. The players who idled, however, got all their items found with the help of idling removed from their backpacks.

Halloween is very popular in the USA and even some parts of Germany. This is why Valve decided to have  a special Halloweenevent on the 29th of October 2009 where sweets, exploding pumpkins and 2 new hats fueled the motivation of the TF2 community. This update introduced a new map named  KOTH-Harvest and the very similar KOTH-Harvest_Event, which served the purpose of enabling TF2 players to gain up to 5 Halloween-Achievements. As a reward one of 2 hats were given to the players: a paper cone named "Mildly disturbing Halloween mask" which could only be worn during the Halloween event, and the Ghastly Gibus, an old stovepipe hat which became a fixed part of the hat collection in Team Fortress 2.

On the 2nd of November 2009 Valve went a new way with the hats in TF2. Those, who pre ordered Left 4 Dead 2, were rewarded with Bill's Beret, a hat, which wasn't bound to any class and could therefore be worn by all of them. This hat can not be found or obtained otherwise.

After a long waiting period Valve spilled the beans about an upcoming update on the 08th of December 2009 with some foreshadowing sounds likee "Friendship ends in ten seconds" or "Betrayal will not be tolerated" which could be heard in-game from time to time. What this was all about was clarified some days later:


TF2  DemomanWith a comic a new update containing 2 class updates was introduced. It TF2 War Updatetold the story about the red  demoman and the blue soldier which became friends which did not appeal to the  announcer at all. She tried to play them off against each other and made them enter a competition against each other. The winner shall be rewarded with new items. From that point all demomen killed by soldiers and all soldiers killed by demomen were counted during a whole week. The class with the most kills would win the challenge. Moreover, Valve held a propaganda contest, where art gifted among the TF2 community could submit their posters about their favourite class. The winner and 2 runner-ups received special unique items that no-one elseTF2 Soldier would have.

The soldiers won the competition in the end and received the Gunboats in return which reduce the self-damage while rocket jumping.

After the war was finished, both classes received their new weapons and achievements on the 17th of DecSoldier    - Gunboatsember 2009. The demo received the "Scottish Resistance", the "Eyelander" and the "Charging Targe"while the soldier could ne rely on the "Direct Hit",the  "Equalizer" and the "Buff Banner" .

Together with the new items and achievements new maps - namely cp_gorge and ctf_doublecross - and an all new crafting system found their way into the game. With so called blueprints players could now combine items they found during game-play into other items they desired. Old items could be split and recombined to other items.

By the end of the year the introduction of (working) Bots to Team Fortress 2 was announced. This was initially limited to several maps and the AI had some flaws, but this god dealt with after some time.

2010 started silently, the first new items were 3 new hats, which were given out to the winners of the propaganda contest. The community also goth them but they were not personalized as the special three hats were.

During March three new items and several new hats were released. The odd thing about these items: they were not introduced with a class update and at least one of them -  „The Pain Train“ - can be used by both the soldier and the demoman. The other two items were „The Homewrecker“  for the pyro and the „The Dalokohs Bar“ for the heavy weapons guy.

In the mid of April Valve tried to lure more players into buying games via the steam platform just like they did with L4D2. Those who bought „The Penal Zone“ off the new Sam&Max adventure during a specified week were rewarded with „Max's Severed Head“, „The Lugermorph“ and „The Big Kill“.

Of course some new minor changes were made in between the big updates: new back-stab animations, new hats or things like that were introduced and the new items required some balance, but all these changes would be too much for this summary.

The engineer is the only one left to receive new items and achievements. Meanwhile, he can upgrade his dispenser and teleporter similarly to his sentry gun, but we are still curious, what Valve has in stock for the engineer.

Of course, TFPortal will keep you posted about that.

TF2 Hardware Requirements




 1.7 GHz CPU


 512 MB RAM

1024 MB RAM

 DirectX 8 Video Card

DirectX 9 Video Card

 5 GB free Disk Space

5 GB free Disk Space

 Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Windows 2000/XP/Vista





 Internet Connection

Internet Connection

 CD-ROM oder DVD-ROM Drive


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