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Name: 'That Maniac', 'The Sweeper', 'Scorch', 'Flamer'
Home: Unknown
Height: 1,80 m
Weight: Unknown
Motto: 'Mphphnphhh'
Favorite Food: Boeuf flambé / lighter fluid
Soldier    Geschwindigkeit
100 %
Soldier   Lebenspunkte
175 HP
Soldier Lebenspunkte mit Medic
260 HP

Team Fortress 2 Pyro Achievements

Burn Baby Burn! In Team Fortress Classic the Pyro was a class that was almost exclusively played by pyromaniac fans. Totally disregarded in clan gaming he has experienced a true renaissance and great appreciation in Team Fortress 2. Thanks to increased primary weapon damage the Pyro has become the number one short range player class in the TF2 clan lineup and an expert in high-impact ambush.

The Pyro wears a fire-retardant suit and a gas mask that muffles his voice. Endowed with a high movement speed he is able to quickly advance to the enemy. Due to the fact that his primary weapon is effective at short range only, he should concentrate on confined spaces such as narrow winding corridors and hide behind objects when out in the open. With an update the flamethrower got an new ability.

The pyro is able to produce a blast of compressed air that knocks enemies away, and redirects enemy projectiles like rockets, grenades, arrows, flar-gun shoots and jarate. With another update he got the capability to extinct burning team members.



Pyro Details - Items - Videos

  • Set enemies on fireMeet the Pyro
  • Protected against enemy Pyro attacks with fire-retardant suit
  • Flamethrower (secondary ability) can produce a blast of compressed air that knocks enemies away, and redirects enemy projectiles
  • After burn damage (normal): 3 every 0.5 second. Lasts for 10 seconds, 60 damage in total
  • After burn damage (mini-crit): 4 every 0.5 second. Lasts for 10 seconds, 80 damage in total
  • Can extinguish teammates with the Backblaster!

  • Items Toggle View

    • Nostromo Napalmer

    • Gold Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.II

    • Silver Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.II

    • Diamond Botkiller Flame Thrower

    • Carbonado Botkiller Flame Thrower

    • Blood Botkiller Flame Thrower

    • Rust Botkiller Flame Thrower

    • Gold Botkiller Flame Thrower

    • Silver Botkiller Flame Thrower

    • Rainblower

      • On Equip: Visit Pyroland
      • Only visible in Pyroland

      Your friends (enemies) will squeal with delight (be consumed with fire) when you cover them in sparkly rainbows (all-consuming fire). (Equips Pyrovision.)

    • Festive Flame Thrower

      Festive weapons are default weapons that are wrapped with Christmas lights.

      The color of the lights differ between RED and BLU teams, RED team has red, yellow and green lights whereas BLU has blue, yellow and green lights. These weapons can be obtained by unlocking a Naughty Christmas Crate.

      The weapons were added in the Australian Christmas 2011 update.

    • Phlogistinator

      • All fire damage charges 'Mmmph', activate to refill health and crit for several seconds
      • No airblast
      • No random critical hits
      • -10% damage penalty

      Being a revolutionary appliance capable of awakening the fire element phlogiston that exists in all combustible creatures, which is to say, all of them.

    • Backburner

      • 100% critical hits from behind
      • +150% airblast cost

      The Backburner is one of the three new weapons added with the Pyro Update. The weapon becomes available after unlocking 15 Pyro Achievements, thus reaching the "Pyro Milestone 2".

      The weapon works in the same way the Flamethrower: it uses fire to deal damage and set enemies on fire. As the name implies, it will cause critical damage whenever a player hits an enemy on his or her "back".

    • Flamethrower

      • Damage per second (point blank): 134.6 - 198
      • Damage per second (medium range): 118.8 - 158.4
      • Damage per second (long range): 79.2 - 99
      • Mini-crit damage: 1.35x more damage
      • Critical damage: 3x more damage

      Welcome to hell! Although the Flamethrower only has a reach of 2 meters, it causes great damage to enemies and can kill them within seconds depending on the target’s distance and HP. Should the Pyro even manage to get amidst a group of enemies, he can unleash pure mayhem on them by setting multiple players ablaze with a single quick sweep. Once afire, enemies lose 3 HP per second and continue to burn for quite a long period of time if not healed. This allows the Pyro to even score kills while he already initiates his next barbeque somewhere else on the map. With the secondary function of the flamethrower, the pyro is able to produce a blast of compressed air that knocks enemies away, and redirects enemy projectiles. He also can use it to extinguish teammates.

    • Degreaser

      • 65% faster weapon switch
      • -25% burn damage penalty
      • -10% damage penalty

      This, made-out-of-trash-like Flamethrower replaces you normal Flamethrower. It impresses with its Skin, the sound of burning someone and the ability to switch weapons quickly.

  • Items Toggle View

    • Shotgun

      • Damage (short range): 80 - 90
      • Damage (middle range): 10 - 30
      • Damage (long range): 3 - 10
      • Mini-crit damage: 81
      • Critical damage: 180
      • Shots: 6
      • Total shots: 32 + 6 in the Weapom

      The Shotgun is the secondary fire weapon for the Pyro, the Soldier and the Heavy Guy. The Shotgun is most effective when used against fast player classes or if an enemy only needs one last quick blow to be dispatched.

    • Festive Flare Gun

    • Scorch Shot

      • Flare knocks back target on hitand ignites enemies in a small radius
      • 50% damage penalty
    • Manmelter

      • Does not require ammo
      • Projectile cannot be deflected
      • Gives one guaranteed critical hit for eachteammate extinguished by this weapon
      • No random critical hits

      Being a boon to tree-fellers, backwoodsmen and atom-splitters the world over, this miraculous matter-hewing device burns each individual molecule as it cleaves it.

    • Detonator

      • +25% damage to self

      Alt-Fire: Detonate flare.

      The Detonator is a secondary weapon for the Pyro. It is a Flare Gun with an elongated barrel taped in place, an extra curved sight and spiral paint designs on the chamber.

      Similar to the Flare Gun, the weapon fires projectiles which, upon contact with an enemy, with deal slight damage as well as set them alight. Should a flare strike an enemy already on fire, Mini-Crit damage will be inflicted (instead of the full Crit damage that the normal Flare Gun inflicts), and the target's afterburn duration will be reset.

      The weapon's main ability is its eponymous detonate ability. Pressing secondary fire whilst a flare is in flight will cause it to explode, creating a small blast radius which damages and ignites nearby enemy players within range.

      The knockback from the explosion can also be used to Flare jump in a manner similar to rocket or sticky jumping. However, Pyros wielding the Detonator will suffer an additional 25% damage taken from their own explosive weapons.

      The Detonator was previously tested in the Team Fortress 2 Beta.

    • Flare Gun

      • Damage: 27 - 33
      • Mini-crit damage (on burning enemies only): 41
      • * Critical damage: 90
      • minicrit vs burning player

      The Flare Gun is one of the three new weapons added with the Pyro Update. The weapon becomes available after unlocking 10 Pyro Achievements, thus reaching the "Pyro Milestone 1".

      The weapon fires flares who not only deal damage to an enemy when hit, but also ignite them. That allows the Pyro to deal with enemies from a distance, most notably against Snipers and Engineers.

  • Items Toggle View

    • Necro Smasher

    • Memory Maker

      The memories you made as a Saxxy finalist will live on forever in film. Other memories-like that time you fractured some jerk Engineer's skull with an 8mm camera-will live on forever in your heart.

    • Bat Outta Hell

    • Conscientious Objector

      • This item functions identically to the wielder's default melee weapon.

      The Conscientious Objector is a weapon equippable by all classes with the exception of the Engineer and the Spy. It is an uprooted road sign, with a worn sheet of paper bearing the Team Fortress 2 logo nailed onto the front; the image can be replaced with another by using the Decal Tool. The sign itself is ridden with nails, battered, bloodstained, and slightly crooked.

      This item functions identically to the wielder's default melee weapon.

    • Frying Pan

      • Damage: 59 - 72
      • Minicrit-Damage: 88
      • Crit-Damage: 195

      People who own L4D2 or bought it (until Thursday, 07/10/2010) can look forward to this new melee weapon. It has no special extras, only a nice hitsound when beating your enemies.

    • Festive Axtinguisher

      • 100% critical hit vs burning players
      • -50% damage vs non-burning players
      • No critical hits vs non-burning players
    • Neon Annihilator

      • 100% critical hit vs wet players
      • Can damage sappers
      • -20% damage penalty vs. players
      • No random critical hits
    • Lollichop

      • On Equip: Visit Pyroland
      • Only visible in Pyroland

      Fill (split) your buddies' tummies (skulls) with delicious candy (cold steel) with this oversized sugary treat. (Equips Pyrovision.)

    • Third Degree

      • All players connected via Medigun beams are hit

      Being a device that flouts conventional scientific consensus that the molecules composing the human body must be arranged "just so", and not, for example, across a square-mile radius.

    • Postal Pummeler

      • 100% critical hit vs burning players
      • 50% damage vs non-burning players
      • No critical hits vs non-burning players

      The Postal Pummeler is a melee weapon for the Pyro, appearing as a violently uprooted olive drab coloured mailbox, with the number 606 painted on the side. It was introduced during the Summer Update.

      This weapon functions in exactly the same way as the Axtinguisher.

    • Maul

      • 100% damage vs buildings
      • Damage removes Sappers
      • -25% damage vs players

      Packs a devastating punch with a hint of Mars dust.

    • Sharpened Volcano Fragment

      • On Hit: target is engulfed in flames
      • -20% damage done

      Improves upon Mother Nature's original
      design for volcanos by increasing portability.
      Modern science is unable to explain exactly
      where the lava is coming from.

    • Back Scratcher

      • +25% damage done
      • +50% health from packs on wearer
      • -75% health from healers on wearer

      Level 10 Garden Rake

    • Homewrecker

      • Damage: 42 - 55 (vs. Players)
      • Damage: 130 (vs. Buildings)
      • Mini-Crit: 66
      • Crit-Damage: 146
      • 100% Damage against buildings
      • Can remove sappers
      • -25% damage against other enemies

      The Homewrecker is a unique sledgehammer used by the Pyro, and was released in the March 18, 2010 Patch as part of the first wave of community content. When wielded, the Homewrecker deals double damage to an enemy Engineer's Buildings and can remove enemy Sappers in one hit, but deals 25% less damage to players.

    • Axtinguisher

      • Damage: 23 - 43
      • Mini-Crit Damage: 45
      • Crit-Damage: 195
      • 100% critical hits vs burning players
      • -50% damage vs non-burning players
      • No critical hits vs non-burning players

      The Axtinguisher is one of the three new weapons added with the Pyro Update. The weapon becomes available after unlocking 22 Pyro Achievements, thus reaching the \\\"Pyro Milestone 3\\\".

      The weapon only deals half the damage the normal Fire axe does, but in exchange it will do the full critical damage when hitting an enemy who has been set on fire.

    • Fireaxe

      • Damage: 59 - 72
      • Mini-Crit: 88
      • Crit-Damage: 195

      The Pyro got this weapon from the fire station and wields it with great expertise on the Team Fortress 2 maps. Sometimes he confuses it with a guitar but if he puts it to its correct use he does a lot of damage. The Fire Axe represents a worthwhile alternative to setting enemies ablaze with the Flamethrower. Nevertheless it is relatively seldom used because it is not as effective and versatile in melee combat as the Flamethrower.

    • Powerjack

      • Damage: 72 - 93
      • Minicrit-Damage: 119
      • Crti-Damage: 244
      • +25% damage done
      • +75 health restored on kill
      • No random critical hits

      As a part of the Gas Jockey's Gear kit, this car battery on a stick replaces you Fireaxe. The big Damageoutput of this Weapon combined with the 75 bonus Healthpoints on a kill, make this weapon to a deadly must-have for Pyro players.

  • Items Toggle View

    • Toy Tailor

    • Burny's Boney Bonnet

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Bozo's Bouffant

    • Spectralnaut

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Snaggletoothed Stetson

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Raven's Visage

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Mucous Membrain

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Macabre Mask

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Hollowhead

    • Gothic Guise

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Crispy Golden Locks

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Corpsemopolitan

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Cotton Head

    • Bone Dome

      Comes with a visor capable of shielding your eyes from the harsh glare of people running away from you on fire.

    • Burning Bandana

      Time to clean house.

    • Hive Minder

      The leading cause of death on the battlefield? You guessed it: Bee stings.

    • Pampered Pyro

      Today, it's YOU Fortress. You deserve it.

    • Centurion

      Unlike those cheap knock-offs, the brush part of THIS centurion helmet is made from the HEAD hair of your fallen enemies.

    • Bolted Birdcage

      You love the hard-hitting Robin Williams/Nathan Lane bird prison drama "The Birdcage" so much you wish you could be thinking about it all the time. The problem: Life's many distractions. The solution: This.

    • Pyro's Boron Beanie

      Friends and loved ones will call you stupid for wearing this hat. "Hey, moron!" your mother will say. But they won't think it's so funny when you win the Backwards Swimming competition at the Olympics, and are later stripped of your medal for cheating.

    • Respectless Robo-Glove

      When that robot selflessly gave you its hand, it assumed you'd study it to advance the field of prosthetic medicine. Sucker. Hey, everybody check me out! I'm a metal chicken! Beep beep gobble boop!

    • Firewall Helmet

      Learn the secret that firefighters guard fiercely: There is no better hat to wear while entering a burning building than a metal hat. Why? The metal will absorb 100% of the heat, leaving your bare skin cool and refreshed, probably.

    • Metal Slug

      They came from outer space. And they came to conquer. It was the perfect space crime. But there's just one problem. YOU. "The Metal Slug". Rated R. This Friday. On your HEAD.

    • Electric Escorter

      "And it seems to me you lived your life / with a lightbulb in your head / wishing you had cleaned the hole / as the cephalic tetanus spread." – Elton John (words by Bernie Taupin)

    • Plumber's Pipe

      Learn plumbing by osmosis with this handy Home Plumber's Kit! Comes with pipe, length of wire.

    • Necronomicrown

      Like all identical twins, you were born from a cyst in your sibling's neck, grew into an evil head, and eventually sloughed off your twin in your own exact duplicate body. Now you can't tell each other apart! Take out the guesswork with this identifying demonic skullcap.

    • Person in the Iron Mask

      Turkey? Chicken? Game hens? Your head? This cast iron poultry furnace will smoke anything placed inside it.

    • DethKapp

      For centuries, mankind has struggled in vain to answer the question of who built this city on rock and roll. This hat/hair combo finally answers that age-old mystery: It was you!

    • Wraith Wrap

      The perfect accessory for maintaining anonymity while stealing rings from midgets.

    • Area 451

      If aliens ever invaded Badlands and used their special alien powers to make all of our heads look like alien heads, this is a scientifically accurate representation of what Pyro would look like. We tried doing similar mock-ups with the rest of the TF team, but we finished one of Heavy and haven't stopped crying and vomiting long enough to do the other ones.

    • Triclops

      The Triclops is a promotional headwear item for the Pyro. It's a half black, half team-colored mask with three team-colored eye-holes for it, based on the Assassin's mask from the game Super Monday Night Combat. It is awarded to players who complete the All-Star agent achievement in Super Monday Night Combat.

      This item has two different styles called "Roasting" and "Blazing". The "Blazing" style makes the hat's texture reflective.

    • Waxy Wayfinder

      • Effect: Genteel Pipe Smoke

      The Waxy Wayfinder is a community-created headwear item for the Pyro. It is a partially melted, lit candle on the Pyro's head. The flame moves in interaction with the Pyro's movements, lights up surroundings, and has the "Genteel Pipe Smoke" particle effect.

    • Head Warmer

      This incinerators insulator keeps your head a perfect 105 degrees, while muffling the hallucinations brought on by wearing a hat that slowly cooks your brain.

    • Bubble Pipe

      • Effect: Genteel Pipe Smoke

      Being an invention that achieves the humanitarian goal of all great men of science, from Lord Holland to the Duke of Wellington, to allow a true gentle-man to smoke a pipe in space.

    • Blazing Bull

      • This is a special Halloween Item
    • Flamboyant Flamenco

      The Flamboyant Flamenco is a headwear item for the Pyro. It appears to be a wide-brimmed flamenco hat, with team-colored skulls hanging from a team-colored rim.

    • Birdcage

      The Birdcage is a community-created headwear item for the Pyro. It was released in the Manniversary Update. It is a copper and iron birdcage that fits around the Pyro's head with a small teamcolored bird sitting on a perch inside.

    • Little Buddy

      The Little Buddy is a headwear item for the Pyro. It is a small United States "Dixie Cup" Sailors Cap, with a golden anchor crest, and a team-colored stripe along the brim.

    • Stately Steel Toe

      The Stately Steel Toe is a community-created headwear item for the Pyro. It is a brown steel-toed boot that resides on top of the Pyro's head.

    • Connoisseur's Cap

      You’re today’s theme ingredient…

    • Hottie's Hoodie

      If you've got it, flaunt it.
      If you don't, hide it under this discrete hoodie.

    • Dead Cone

      You’ll stop them dead wearing this stylish traffic cone.

    • Prancer's Pride

    • Madame Dixie

    • Pyromancer's Mask

    • Foster's Facade

    • Old Guadalajara

    • Napper's Respite

    • Handyman's Handle

    • Vintage Merryweather

    • Triboniophorus tyrannus

    • Respectless rubber glove

    • Brigade helm

    • Pyro's beanie

    • Attendant

      • For complete kit:
      • +10% faster move speed on wearer
      • 10% bullet vulnerability on wearer

      The Attendant decorates your Pyro with an old rancid hat. The most people don't know, that a little black bowtie comes with the Attendant. This Misc-Item won't show up in your Backpack.

  • Items Toggle View

    • Candleer

    • Bonedolier

      Scare your friends into thinking you're carrying around deadly grenades. Bask in their relief when it turns out they're only harmless human skulls.

    • Ornament Armament

      Just a like the Soldiers actual grenades, these shiny glass baubles are purely ornamental.

    • Deadliest Duckling

      Every time you fed a duck a breadcrumb, you were financing the Duck Mob. You're implicated. There's no going back now. Take this duck, go to the corner of 43rd, and enter the black Cadillac. When you meet the Don, don't make any jokes about horse heads. He hates that.

    • Pyromancer's Hood

      Winter 2014 Limited Community Cosmetic

    • Pyromancer's Raiments

      Winter 2014 Limited Community Cosmetic

    • Black Knight's Bascinet

      Winter 2014 Limited Community Cosmetic

    • Torcher's Tabard

      Winter 2014 Limited Community Cosmetic

    • Charred Chainmail

      Winter 2014 Limited Community Cosmetic

    • Creature?s Grin

    • Arsonist Apparatus

    • Moccasin Machinery

    • Lollichop Licker

    • Mr. Juice

    • Vampyro

    • Mishap Mercenary

    • Combustible Kabuto

    • Frymaster

    • Employee of the Mmmph

    • Lunatic's Leathers

    • Smoking Skid Lid

    • Gas Guzzler

    • Senguko Scorcher

    • Cute Suit

    • Sole Mate

    • Tiny Timber

    • Trail-Blazer

    • Sub Zero Suit

    • Blizzard Breather

    • Portable Smissmas Spirit Dispenser

      Granted by crafting the Steam Holiday Sale 2013 badge.

    • Beast From Below

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Abhorrent Appendages

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Vicious Visage

    • Up Pyroscopes

    • Scorched Skirt

    • Rugged Respirator

    • PY-40 Incinibot

    • Monster's Stompers

    • Maniac's Manacles

    • Hard-Headed Hardware

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Handhunter

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Grisly Gumbo

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Glob

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • External Organ

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Death Support Pack

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Cryptic Keepsake

    • Creature From The Heap

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Cauterizer's Caudal Appendage

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Carrion Companion

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Trickster's Turnout Gear

      Trick your enemies into forgetting who set them on fire in the first place with this trustworthy-looking fireman's jacket.

    • Air Raider

      Designed specifically for hotshot pilots, this mask only distributes oxygen if you're doing a cool barrel roll into the Danger Zone.

    • Pop-eyes

    • El Muchacho

      Cosplay as a sleepy cowboy with this authentic 19th century sleeveless fleece snuggie.

    • Backpack Broiler

      • Effect: %s1

      I've got your back... steaks.

    • Soot Suit

      Business up front. Ten deadly gallons of pressurized gas in the back.

    • Mair Mask

      Comes with a full can of MAIR, Mann Co.'s air substitute! One part nitrogen, no parts oxygen, NINE parts electrolytes—Mair gives regular air a kick in the pants for manly lungs on the go.

    • Steel Sixpack

      This wrought-iron cuirass has been exactingly molded from the imaginary muscles you wish you had.

    • Breather Bag

      Since the invention of the garbage bag, humanity has longed to put it over its head. Until now, this usually meant immediate asphyxiation. UNTIL NOW! Plastic bag over your head? Breathing air? Thanks to the geniuses at FaceBagHole Co., you don't have to choose.

    • Googol Glass Eyes

      These digital eye implants will let you check the weather, monitor the stock market and look up cures for infection caused by jamming unclean hunks of metal into your eye sockets.

    • Filamental

      Is your Pyro made up of alternating current or direct current? Only your electrician knows for sure!

    • Rusty Reaper

      Are you the personification of death? Do you need to spraypaint something indoors? This skull-shaped rebreather has you covered.

    • Scrap Sack

      Concerned about your many stalkers going through your garbage while you're at work? Rest easy with the Scrap Sack, which lets you keep an eye on your secret-filled trash at all times.

    • Winter Wonderland Wrap

      Just because you're an unknowable enigma doesn't mean you shouldn't bundle up. Remember what your mom told you... if you even HAVE one, you inscrutable person of mystery!

    • Rail Spikes

      There we were, assembling some collars, when we thought, "Yes, they're cool. But what's missing?" That's when we realized: lots of sharp bits welded onto the round bits.

    • Nose Candy

      Dress up your respirator to trick people into thinking you're a delusional maniac living in a fantasy world!

    • Voodoo-Cursed Pyro Soul

    • Coffin Kit

      Unlike other survival packs, this handy last-aid kit rightly assumes that the moment you're in a survival situation, you are going to die. Just pull the ripcord to inflate the minature coffin into a standard corpse-sized one that you can die right into.

    • Plutonidome

      It's a well-known fact that we only use 10% of our brain power. Which means there's a 90% chance that anything you do to your brain is only going to make you smarter. Like letting it float around in plutonium. Let's be honest, doing nothing isn't making you any smarter.

    • Pyrotechnic Tote

      Any day can be the Fourth of July if you just believe. It also helps if you have a bag of fireworks – like the Pyrotechnic Tote - you can set off to distract people when they try to tell you that you can’t take the day off to eat hot dogs and get drunk at the park. Is this not America, Samuel? Do we not have the freedom to vomit in our own shoes?

    • Pyrobotics Pack

      Did you know that fire can melt metal? Like, say you were fighting an army of robots. You could melt them! With fire! It's true! Just a fun little fact we learned today. We don't really see any practical application for the information, but it's good to learn.

    • Tribal Bones

      No ritual that results in the senseless destruction of human life at the behest of an angry god is complete without a Tribal Bones necklace. Like all of our mothers weirdly happened to say, if you're going to do some human sacrifices, you gotta look the part.

    • Russian Rocketeer

      The latest in space-primate propulsion, this jet pack has been tested exclusively by apes! We can't stress enough how few human flight tests we've conducted with this product!

    • HazMat Headcase

      This impermeable, gas-tight hood keeps your head at a comfortable 350-degree temperature throughout the day. The tinted visor lets you sweat off that unsightly face fat in the privacy of your own sweltering hell.

    • Burning Bongos

      • On Equip: Visit Pyroland
      • Only visible in Pyroland

      When you were a kid, all you wanted was to play the bongos. But then you grew up and, like all of us, realized you're not as good at bongos as Matthew McConaughey. Well, guess what, pal: Nobody is, or ever will be. (Equips Pyrovision.)

    • Infernal Orchestrina

      • On Equip: Visit Pyroland
      • On Taunt: Plays a happy tune
      • Only visible in Pyroland

      Your BFFs (enemies) will turn their frowns upside down (confront their own mortality) as they dance a merry jig to (run in terror from) these cheery tunes (soul-destroying funeral dirges). (Equips Pyrovision.)

    • Scrap Pack

      The Scrap Pack is a promotional miscellaneous item for the Pyro and Medic. It is an offline "chopper-bot" that replaces the Pyro's oxygen tank and Medic's backpack. It is from the game Shoot Many Robots.

    • Jingle Belt

      • Jingle all the way

      Slay-bells will be ringing in the slow-roasted ears of your burn victims.

    • Moonman Backpack

      Being a repository of the foundational ingredients necessary for a body to live a life of leisure in space namely one part oxygen, one part mercury, and twelve parts laudanum.

    • Apparition's Aspect

    • Last Breath

    • Tail From the Crypt

      • This is a special Halloween Item
    • Fallen Angel

      • This is a special Halloween Item
    • Cremator's Conscience

      The Cremator's Conscience is a Miscellaneous item for the Pyro. It is a pair of team-colored dolls resembling the Pyro and are attached to the straps on the Pyro's chest. One possesses an angelic halo, while the other has devil's horns, tail, and pitchfork. They both wobble when the Pyro moves.

      Equipping the Cremator's Conscience will remove the Napalm Grenades on the Pyro's chest, similar to the Stockbroker's Scarf.

    • Sight for Sore Eyes

      Humorously vellicating vitreous.

    • Stockbroker's Scarf

      The Stockbroker's Scarf is a promotional miscellaneous item for the Pyro. It is the team-colored unpinned tie of Mr. Foster, a character from the game Killing Floor.

      This item, along with the Foster's Facade, was obtainable for players who either already owned Killing Floor or purchased the game during Killing Floor's Twisted Christmas Event from December 14, 2010 to January 4, 2011. Those who purchased the game before noon PST on December 14, 2010 received Vintage versions.

    • Whiskered gentleman

      The Whiskered Gentleman is a community-created miscellaneous item for the Pyro. It is a monocle, mustache, and goatee that are taped onto the Pyro's mask.

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