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The TFPortal!

The TFPortal can advertise itsself through various channels. Events, raffles or partnerships with other websites. Those possibilies are continuously used and permanently expanded.. But the staff didn't make TFPortal.de what it is today.

The biggest part goes to you, the community. You enabled us to successfully deliver news to so many players, fans and visitors. To even improve this, we still need your help. It doesn't matter if you simply tell your friends about us, put a banner or link to our website on your clan- or webpage, link to files contained in our database or simply mention us as a source for certain information. This will help us to show, that a private project can stand his ground on the world wide web without any big sponsors.

Become a a TFPortler

TFPortler is a term invented by the community. We used to call ourselves TFPortaler. Anyway, becoming a TFPortler is easy. You can either put "TFPortal.de" after your Steam nickname, use the following logo as your avatar, or become an active help for the site itsself.Be a TFPortler!

Commited fans and players are hereby invited to send us their application via our  Contact Form.

We permanently search for:

  • E-Sport-Editors (what is going on in the scene and the various leagues?)
  • Translators (Translate news and content on TFPortal)
  • Coders! (Knowledge in PHP / SQL)

Before you apply, you should be aware, that we require time and independent working. The chances are equal for anyone, but we have to rely on your commitment. We don't want to create E-Mail-, FTP-and Forum-Accounts for people who quit after 2 weeks after they applied. Please only apply if you are really willing to put some effort in this site over an extended period of time.

TFPortal Community Toolbar

If you like to be top informed about all relevant TF2 News out there you should try our  TFPortal-TF2-Community Toolbar.

We included all needed RSS-Feeds and TF2 Links!

TFPortal Steamcommunity

TF2 Steamcommunity - TFPortal.de

By now, we have 1.560 members, who joined our steam group. The more players join, the more known do we get in the big TF2 Community. Every additional member could mean another interesting voice in our ongoing discussions on different topics on TFPortal.de. We want you! Not a member yet? Feel free to join our steam group, and ask your friends if they want to join too, or simply invite them to join.

TFPortal @ Facebook, Youtube or Twitter

Social Network meets TFPortal. Also on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter, we present our News and Videos. Another advantage to follow us there is, that you also got some small snippets out of the community presented which we not publish on TFPortal.

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Banner & Buttons of TFPortal

We have them too, small buttons for your website. The small amount will be increased on the future, and various formats will also be available. Each banner on your site helps us to win new users for our community. Thanks for your support!

TFPortal.de - Link to us!

TFPortal.de - Link to us! TFPortal.de - Link to us!

  TFPortal.de - Link to us!  

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TFPortal.de Banner

TFPortal.de Banner

Your opinion counts!

What would this website be if it were like a dictatorship?

Exactly! It would get boring and monotonous, because only many various opinions make one big discussion possible. This is why we are required to know what you think. Tell us what you think about a certain topic in the comments below the news articles, in the forums or via E-Mail. Feedback on the site itsself is also very important, and we appreciaty any criticism, be it positive or negative. It enables us to improve TFportal.

TFPortal RSS-Feeds - Don't miss anything ever again!

The feeds are up and running in both german and english language and provide you with the latest  news about TF2.

Your clan in the TFPortal-Clannews

Your clan has a newspage? You want additional traffic and visitors on your website?

The TFPortal Clannews section is an easy to understand feature to help you accomplish the above.

Up first, we need some details and someone to contact. Afterwards, you tweak our script to mach your website circumstances and download it. After you installed it on your webserver, we will receive your news daily and present them on our startpage.

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